A complete weather clothing system.


Pick a high-performance jacket. Pair it with warm pants. Layer things up with fleeces, merino wool undershirts, tights and socks.
Neomondo is designed to keep you warm and comfortable for every adventure.


Rain and snow
Getting wet is never fun, and it can get serious.
Jackets, pants, and rainsets: our seam-sealed waterproof outerwear will keep you dry and comfortable all day.


Lightweight jackets, windproof fleeces, and windbreaker suits.
The Neomondo clothing system is the smart way to beat the chill factor.

Powered by the majesty of the landscape and the freedom to explore, Neomondo was born from the Scandinavian love for the great outdoors.

Our clothing system responds to the weather, your mood, and nature itself. And like nature itself, Neomondo is made for everyone.

All elements considered.